More Pink Inspo…

More pretty pictures that are pink in colour 🙂

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Some pink inspo….

Here are some beautiful pink images I’ve found on Pinterest; they’re inspiring and pretty! I feel that colours inspire certain moods; so when picking them for the blog/zine I need to be very selective and careful.

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New combined abstract…

Here is my revisited Abstract for my concept development part 1!

My idea is taking the fashion blog; something which is usually visual and for the internet, and pushing into the forum of radio. Fashion trends are not known for being broadcasted in such a medium; so there is a large gap in the market for it.

This radio station will be based on the notion of ‘The Fash. Pack’; the power creatives that have a big following and are all interlinked with each other. I shall create a blog alongside the show; for listeners to communicate with me and the team as well as each other.

My primary target audience is fairly easy to identify; seeing as the target audience is me. Young at heart, very eccentric types who love taking inspiration from photography, art, history, architecture, nature, and anything else they deem exciting. This consumer thrives on the next next best thing.

As a bonus; listeners will be able to order a free zine; which will use new technology and old-style graphic design; all into one smooth aesthetic.

Like me; the consumer is a magpie; taking and absorbing information from anywhere and everywhere. But they are also constantly on the move; visiting exhibitions, galleries, events and vintage fayres, etc. So having the radio station easily available on a smart phone will be extremely beneficial.

The zine will act as a working scrap book; edited and altered until it is deemed fit to publish; and will be free.

In my research I am looking into when zines were first introduced, how they affected the fashion industry and how relevant they are now. I shall look into other attempts at Fashion Radio and whether they have been successful; as well as ask some industry professionals about their opinion on how to properly promote the show and target the consumers correctly.

I want the blog to be aspirational and inspiring; anyone can contribute if they have enough drive and talent; so it shall need to be attainable in its voice and mode of address.

Cost shall be a big factor in this process; and marketing is something that shall need to be considered very carefully. The blog and zine should be free, but broadcasting the show with all the equipment will be expensive. Which is where the Princes Trust comes in.

I shall take inspiration from V-logging and Fashion trend videos on Youtube; I shall have plenty of competitors throughout the blogsphere, but hopefully my unique and fresh approach to listening to music- teamed with the visual element of a blog or website- shall appeal to tech-hungry consumers.

Each post shall be spoken directly to the consumers, in the style of the ‘Fashionable big sister’; informal but direct enough to target each individual.

Music shall be played in between me speaking (because even I can’t talk for that long) based on what is trending at that moment in time. Even looking back historically.
I will broadcast twice weekly; each week will have an underpinned theme; for example 90s grunge. I shall talk about television, film, music, art, fashion, culture, politics and anything else that the consumer would want to hear. I might even introduce a few special guests to interact and have a discussion with. Each guest will be in the creative industry; most like fashion and media.

If I was to broadcast in the Brighton area then I could ask companies to record adverts to put in between dialogue and music. So eventually this will turn into a commercial enterprise.

For major events like London Fashion Week, etc. I might take a camera and recording equipment with me; to broadcast on the blog through Youtube.

It would be an exciting way for youngsters to view fashion from a global perspective; instead of just what they see on the high street or in programmes presented by Gok Wan or Trinny and Susana.

I have just sent this abstract to The Princes’ Trust; an organisation dedicated to helping young people start up their own businesses; they supply support; financially or otherwise. That money and advice will be so useful to this idea. I really hope they accept my application!!

Me 🙂


So, after having a tutorial with Bianca before Christmas, I have come to the conclusion that the Radio notion that I had come up with for concept 2 is a lot stronger than concept 1. I have a much greater understanding of how it would work and who I would target; and there is a much bigger gap in the market for said notion.

I shall be posting my video of concept 2 over the next couple of days; as well as post some scan ins of my sketchbook work (which I have been doing over the holidays)

The way that this new concept will work is the radio show will be the main driver; a blog will run alongside it so listeners have a way of communicating with me and the team; as well as each other. Finally; every now and again a zine will be published as a kind of extra; for listeners to order free through the blog. Hopefully the show will gather enough of a following so a buzz and excitement will surround the whole thing.

More later!



Doctor Who…fandom…

P1020860 copy2 P1020861 copy P1020864 copy2 P1020865 copy2 P1020972 copy P1020980 copy2 P1030002 copy2 P1030034 copy P1030041 copy P1030043 copyOn Saturday 23rd November 2013- I trekked to the Excel Centre in London to see the extra special 50th Anniversary Exhibition. It was an amazing day, every fan girl’s dream. I dressed up in my femme-doctor gear: Pink shirt, jeans, braces, converse trainers, burgundy velvet bow tie, trench coat, 3D glasses and sonic screwdriver. I met the very beautiful Matt Smith and saw some of the Classic Who actors including Sylvester McCoy, Peter Davidson, Colin Baker and Tom Baker. We saw so many awesome things; had our pictures taken by people (my friend Laura had the best Tardis Costume) stood in a version of the Tardis and had our picture taken; I even met from Lizo Mzimba from Newsround and was interviewed by him! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get tickets for the showing of the ‘Day of the Doctor’ 5oth Anniversary special episode; but I watched it the next day at home; and it was awesome!

Pen Portrait..

Moodboard copy

This is the visual representation of my target market….30 somethings who love being feminine, crazy, wacky and kooky when they dress. They’re magpies; finding trinkets and quirky items to wear and alter. They have a dark sense of humour and have a love for Post-Modernism. They take their influence from Japan and China and will love the zine as it’s made for innovators like themselves; it’ll appeal to their childish nature and sheer arty-fartyness.