My Pin-up creations part 3


These two images are of 2 of my friends. I think both of their styles really emulate the pin up aesthetic: Dixie (the image at the bottom) is a burlesque dancer and the image I used was one of her in BN1 Magazine. Perrie (the image on top) took this of herself. I used Perri’s dark hair as the frame for the picture, and used the burn tool to darken the rest. They fit really effectively together, I think.


Instagram….yay or nay?





Instagram is one of those really unique social networking apps that allows its user to create nice photos with minimal effort. As a photographer, I feel it really limits my creativity. Without all the bells and whistles, one has to stick every image in a little square, and use 1 of 20 filters to decorate it and change its colour scheme. I sometimes feel that it makes a mockery out of traditional photography, although anyone with a fancy Canon or Nikon who gets lucky can take a good image. Having said that, I do applaud instagram for not jumping on the advertising band wagon;  it makes for a much less frustrating and cookie-free experience.

If I was to consider using it for my show/blog, I would take each image into more consideration and make sure the brand ethos showed through prominently.

My pin up creations part 2

This one proved trickier to compose, as the image on top had a red background, not a black one. I had to really darken the red and change the colour around the hair as there were patches of luminous yellow and orange. It turned out very well, but in a different way to the first compilation. It looks more vivid, more sinister. amazing23bf9771accf62ef668a699379577ab84IMG_1094IMG_1092photoshop2

My pin-up creations part 1


This beautiful pin up creation was not just found on the internet! I bought 2 canvases from The Range which both featured dotty backgrounds and pretty pin up girls; I then found 2 images from Pinterest and stuck one image on top of the other. To create the one below I used an opacity filter called ‘Pin Light’, and because the background for the image on the top was already black, the effect worked very easily. I flipped the top image so it would sit better on the dotty canvas image, and edited the levels and colour balance on both so they would look similar. And Voila!


The Bling Ring..

Recently I watched teen flick entitled ‘The Bling Ring’ Starring Harry Potter’s Emma Watson (with an American accent, I hasten to add- bizarre) the bling ring

The film is very dramatic; but very dark. It is about 5 teens who live in Hollywood; and decide to break into famous peoples’ houses (e.g. Paris Hilton or Orlando Bloom)

I thought it was a great film. Quite cheesy at times but a great way of understanding the lengths people go to to feel part of a clique.