Inspiration from Tokyo


As a key target market for my show and brand. It is vital to keep an eye on trends that young people love. Tokyo street style images are a great way to keep track of it all.


The Bling Ring..

Recently I watched teen flick entitled ‘The Bling Ring’ Starring Harry Potter’s Emma Watson (with an American accent, I hasten to add- bizarre) the bling ring

The film is very dramatic; but very dark. It is about 5 teens who live in Hollywood; and decide to break into famous peoples’ houses (e.g. Paris Hilton or Orlando Bloom)

I thought it was a great film. Quite cheesy at times but a great way of understanding the lengths people go to to feel part of a clique.

Some pink inspo….

Here are some beautiful pink images I’ve found on Pinterest; they’re inspiring and pretty! I feel that colours inspire certain moods; so when picking them for the blog/zine I need to be very selective and careful.

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