Doctor Who…fandom…

P1020860 copy2 P1020861 copy P1020864 copy2 P1020865 copy2 P1020972 copy P1020980 copy2 P1030002 copy2 P1030034 copy P1030041 copy P1030043 copyOn Saturday 23rd November 2013- I trekked to the Excel Centre in London to see the extra special 50th Anniversary Exhibition. It was an amazing day, every fan girl’s dream. I dressed up in my femme-doctor gear: Pink shirt, jeans, braces, converse trainers, burgundy velvet bow tie, trench coat, 3D glasses and sonic screwdriver. I met the very beautiful Matt Smith and saw some of the Classic Who actors including Sylvester McCoy, Peter Davidson, Colin Baker and Tom Baker. We saw so many awesome things; had our pictures taken by people (my friend Laura had the best Tardis Costume) stood in a version of the Tardis and had our picture taken; I even met from Lizo Mzimba from Newsround and was interviewed by him! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get tickets for the showing of the ‘Day of the Doctor’ 5oth Anniversary special episode; but I watched it the next day at home; and it was awesome!


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