Pen Portrait..

Moodboard copy

This is the visual representation of my target market….30 somethings who love being feminine, crazy, wacky and kooky when they dress. They’re magpies; finding trinkets and quirky items to wear and alter. They have a dark sense of humour and have a love for Post-Modernism. They take their influence from Japan and China and will love the zine as it’s made for innovators like themselves; it’ll appeal to their childish nature and sheer arty-fartyness.


Book Binding



Even more Sketchbook Inspiration…

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More sketchbook Inspiration..

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Sketchbook Inspiration

When creating my FMP sketchbook, I want it to be extraordinary. I want to collage and layer different mediums to create a beautiful treasure trove. It will resemble a scrapbook and I want to use an existing book; for example a music book or newspaper. Here are some great images that I found on Pinterest that I want to share on here…and as I go along I shall post more images and even images/videos of my own sketchbook.

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Even more zines


I love this image above; I’d love to take a music book scrawled with notes and musical compositions and overlay them with some drawings and collages for my create sketchbook for this project. It’s a great inspirational piece.

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